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NHL Logo Series Artisan Hockey Puck Desk Pen Holder

NHL Logo Series Artisan Hockey Puck Desk Pen Holder

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NHL Logo Series Artisan Hockey Puck Desk Pen Holder. Place your favorite pen in this holder and let it adorn your desk at home or work. This holder will hold most pens. It will not hold antique and calligraphy pens.

The hockey puck is standard size, 3 inches in diameter and one inch thick. The hole in the brass fitting is 1/4 of an inch wide. It has an authentic hockey puck as the base.
It makes a unique and wonderful gift for hockey fans.

This listing does not include the pen shown in the picture above. It does not come with any pen. You supply your pen. 

*EBINGERS PLACE cleans and packages all pucks with care. However, please note that all souvenir pucks will have very tiny cosmetic flaws due to the manufacturing process.

** This product incorporates a modified officially licensed NHL hockey puck that was purchased from Inglasco. The product itself is made by EBINGERS PLACE and is not authorized or licensed by the NHL.

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