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Minnesota Wild Basic Series Hockey Puck Business Card Holder

Minnesota Wild Basic Series Hockey Puck Business Card Holder

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Minnesota Wild Basic Series Hockey Puck Business Card Holder.
Show your team pride by displaying your business cards in our custom hockey puck business card holder. Handcrafted in the USA from an actual licensed collectible hockey puck.
Even if you don't have a business card, you can use the holder to display your favorite hockey cards or tickets.
It makes a unique and wonderful gift for hockey fans!

Features of our Hockey Puck Business Card Holder:
- Hand made from an actual collectible hockey puck made by Inglasco hockey and imported to the USA.
- Puck licensed by the NHL.
- Card slot in puck is approximately one-sixteenth of an inch wide. It can hold about five standard thickness business cards. The card slot is cut on a slight backward slant for a better viewing angle.
- Puck is official league size. It measures three inches across and one inch thick.

*EBINGERS PLACE cleans and packages all pucks with care. However, please note that all souvenir pucks will have very tiny cosmetic flaws due to the manufacturing process.

** This product incorporates a modified officially licensed NHL hockey puck that was purchased from Inglasco. The product itself is made by EBINGERS PLACE and is not authorized or licensed by the NHL.

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